Symbolic Execution For JavaScript


  • José Fragoso Santos

  • Petar Maksimović

  • Daiva Naudžiūnienė

  • Thomas Wood

  • Philippa Gardner


We present a framework for trustworthy symbolic execution of JavaScripts programs, whose aim is to assist developers in the testing of their code: the developer writes symbolic tests for which the framework provides concrete counter-models. We create the framework following a new, general methodology for designing compositional program analyses for dynamic languages. We prove that the underlying symbolic execution is sound and does not generate false positives. We establish additional trust by using the theory to precisely guide the implementation and by thorough testing. We apply our framework to whole-program symbolic testing of real-world JavaScript libraries and compositional debugging of separation logic specifications of JavaScript programs.


Proceedings of the 20th International Symposium on Principles and Practice of Declarative Programming, PPDP 2018, Frankfurt am Main, Germany, September 03-05, 2018, pp. 11:1–11:14

Publication Date#

September 2018