Folder Structure#


Folders marked with (❌PLDI20) are out of scope of the PLDI 2020 Gillian Paper.

  • Gillian-C

    • bin: The Gillian-C binary

    • environment: Execution environment, not part of the repository, created using esy init:env. It contains useful scripts for testing Gillian-C, and examples are copied in it so that they can be safely modified.

    • examples: Various examples

      • concrete: Small data-structure examples for concrete execution

      • symbolic: Small data-structure examples for symbolic testing

      • klee: Same small data-structure examples - as in symbolic - but written for use with Klee

      • verification: Small data-structure examples for verification mode (❌PLDI20)

      • act: Small data-structure examples for Automatic Compositional Testing mode (❌PLDI20)

    • lib: The core of Gillian-C

    • Compiler from C to GIL

    •, annot_lexer.mll, annot_parser.mly, Utils for handling a small annotation language for C (❌PLDI20)

    • Serialisation and deserialisation of CompCert values into GIL values

    • Symbolic Memory model and Concrete memory model

    •, Configuration for the symbolic and concrete bulk testers (gillian-c bulk-wpst and gillian-c bulk-exec)

    • Other files: Utils such as name generators or configuration flags

    • runtime: Implementation of the internals and part of the C standard lib in GIL

    • scripts: Various scripts for setting up the environment and executing analyses